100g Silver Colour Coin (999) - Radha Krishna

Kundan offers 999 purest form of silver. The word "KUNDAN" meaning in Sanskrit language is Purest Form of Gold.  We use Swiss Technology & world class refining technology.

Each & every bar/coin is minted ensuring that the customer will receive perfectly designed product. It comes in fully-guaranteed tamper proof packs. Radha Krishna (FOUR COLOUR PAD PRINTING) are collectively known within Hinduism as the combination of both the feminine as well as the masculine aspect of God.  Radha is five elemental body of the feeling of love towards the almighty God Shree Krishna. Sri Radha Krishna material existence is a perverted reflection of spiritual activities. Kundan proud to introduce the new range of Radha Krishna Design in silver coin with 999% purity. Kundan fine silver minted coin is manufactured directly from Kundan refinery.

Purity - 999
Weight - 100g
Metal: - Silver
Design – Radha Krishna
Certification: - NABL Certified

Kundan provide BUY BACK at the existing rate of silver at deduction of 1% tax. In all cases, the current market value will be determined by Kundan.


Rs. 7,500 24% off
Rs. 5,700

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