Buying gold coins in India is more of a tradition than an investment option. It has so many emotional, sentimental and cultural value attached to it. But since gold is a valuable and costly metal its monetary value has also increased and hence people are buying gold coins as an investment as well.

Gold coins from Kundan are often made of pure gold, unlike the regular jewellery, which makes them soft and delicate in nature. Not taking proper care of them might bring certain damages to it. Uncleaned, worn down features, or damage to the rim will bring down the coin’s value when you plan to resell it. So, to maintain its proper condition becomes an absolute necessity for the owners.

Valuing your possession is not only a good habit but is also considered beneficial as it helps in maintaining the item in its original form and also ensures to maintain its proper value. When it is about treasured items like gold coins, you should be more vigilant regarding its proper care and maintenance. Let’s delve deep and find out the various ways through which you can take good care of your gold coins.

Handling Gold Coins

When you buy gold coins from a reputed brand like Kundan, you get assured of learning a few details about handling your gold coins properly. Assuring you of the quality and purity of the coins, Kundan also provides you with necessary details and do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind while you handle your gold coins. Some basic handling methods are mentioned below:

Before touching the coins make sure that your hands are clean since oil and other residues might spoil the look of the coin.

Handle the coins by the edges and not through the face.

Store your gold coins in their protective cases.

Storing Gold Coins

Keeping your gold coins safe and storing it properly is yet another way of taking good care of them.

Gold coins should be kept away from extreme heat and moisture.

Try not to keep your gold coins with any other metals as it can tarnish the coins.

Store your pristine and tarnished gold coins separately.

Use proper material case for storing your gold coins.

Cleaning Gold Coins

If you plan to clean your gold coins all by yourself, we would recommend you not to this. There are various ways through which you can damage your gold coins in the process of cleaning. You will not even know and a good and pristine gold coin will gradually lose its original value and appearance because of the cleaning. Cleaning at home might end up doing more harm to your coins than any good.

So, it is better to ask a reliable gold dealer or brand to clean it for you, if you really want that shine back. Kundan often offers its customers the service of cleaning the gold coins, while maintaining its original value and assuring that the quantity and quality of the coin are not compromised.

Call them today and schedule an appointment for your gold coins cleaning. Be rest assured that your precious metal is handled by professionals with extreme care.