Gold has been the equivalent of currency since the dawn of time. Even before the concept of paper money came into existence, gold was considered as one of the most precious metals in barter system. In older time, even the coins made from gold were considered most precious and unique. From kings to modern day people, gold has never lost its value and importance. Also, the limited availability of this metal makes it even more treasured.

Now, when we have told about its monetary importance, in India, gold holds a lot more value than that. India being a religious country has always had a soft spot towards gold, especially in Hinduism. Gold is the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and it’s considered auspicious to but gold on festivals like Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras. Moreover, gold is also owned as a status symbol and ancestral property.


Here are four reasons that you should go buy that gold coin you’ve been thinking to own from a long time:


  • Gold is always valuable

No matter what happens, gold will always retain its value. Yes, its price may go up and down with time, but this shining piece will always be up there! It also acts as a hedge to offset losses in other categories.


  • It’s a smart investment

Gold investment is a safe haven which means that smart investors buy gold to save themselves from a possible catastrophe in future. It is also a direct substance as it is a finite value substance.


  • Gold is a limited resource

Gold miners can’t just increase the amount of gold by digging more into the mines. It’s a limited amount of metal. You must also very well know the cycle of demand and supply. To add up more, Gold is still extremely under-valued.

  • It’s auspicious

Buying gold at festivals like Dhanteras, Gudi Padwa etc is believed to keep evil and death away from life.

Time to own some gold coins we guess. Go buy them!