As many of us know, gold is an expensive asset and its possession makes you feel rich. Unlike many things, jewellery is not biased to genders.

It adds charm on both males and females (Not to forget, quantity and designs matter!!).  Not too long ago, gold was mostly known to be used as an ornament to adorn a person. However, few people realized the potential of gold and started investing in it wisely and they not just invested in ornaments but they used to purchase gold in the form of bars or coins to reserve them for future.

Let us now know what benefits us the most. As all the things in the world have pros and cons, purchasing gold in either form have their own advantages and disadvantages.   

Purchasing gold as a Gold Coin: These days, many people have inclined to purchase gold coins as a form of investment and there are many reasons for this. Some of the top reasons are listed below:

  • Gold shows a lot of fluctuation in prices in a very short amount of time which makes it a good bid for investment. And Gold coins or bars allow it for a bulk purchase.
  • It acts as a reserve for future events (It may be for marriage or any big events).
  • It has high liquidity rate.


  • It comes in pure form and almost has no wastage.
  • It makes it easier to purchase in higher quantities.
  • If the gold is taken as an investment, then there will be no making charges or design charges which will usually be applied on gold ornaments.


  • It comes at a premium price of 5 – 10 % and will mostly be sold at a discounted price of 5 – 10 %.
  • Tax will be applicable for short term or long term returns as appropriate. 
  • Conversion of gold coin to an ornament attracts labour charges for the design.

Purchasing Gold as an Ornament: Unlike gold coins, gold ornaments need not sit in your locker. They can embrace your beauty with their presence while still being an investment. We have listed some of the reasons on why you should choose gold ornaments than any other form.

  • Gold ornaments can make you look prestigious in the society.
  • It offers ready to wear collections for any immediate events.


  • Exchanging the ornament with the other design does not charge you a lot.
  • Comes in different designs and qualities and can also accompany other souvenirs like diamond, platinum etc.


  • Dissolving the design or remaking the design will attract a lot of wastage and accompanies labour charges as well.
  • Does not come in its pure form and is mostly mixed with other metals to keep the ornament strong.
  • Usually, the sale of the ornament will deduct the making value or the design value.

We hope you found the information to be helpful and will make the best choice based on your investment needs.