Gold Pendants

Gold Pendant is one of the most beautiful piece of jewellery to decorate your neckline. If you wish to buy something made of Gold for yourself or for your loved ones, and cannot decide on one thing, then Gold Pendant is the right choice for you.

At Kundan Refinery, we offer a huge range of designs to choose from. You can go for generic round or oval shape, and can also opt for a unique different shape from our gallery. The standard weight of the Gold Pendants in our gallery is 5 gms, but you can get personalised shape and size for you as well. One remarkable quality of a Gold pendant is that it can go very well with any piece of jewellery and by pairing it together with already existing jewellery in your collection; you can experiment with various looks. You can pair it along with a normal gold chain, or put it on a mangalsutra. If you’re wearing one for religious purpose, a gold pendant won’t shy away from gracing your neck just with a simple black thread.

Browse through our gallery of Gold pendants and choose the best design for you. If you do not find one which you exactly want, you can order a customized one on our website. Rest, be assured about the quality of the pendant, and in case any issue arises, we have easy return and exchange policies as well.