Silver Coins

If you are looking for high quality pure silver coins, then you have come at the right place. At Kundan Refinery we craft the most beautiful silver coins which you can use for any occasion, be it for pooja or some ceremony at your home or for your personal collection.

Silver coins have an importance of their own in Indian culture. Silver is one of the oldest metals that have been used for coinage since ancient times. From Greeks to Persians, from Hindu mythological times to British pennies, silver coins have held their value for every lineage. Especially in Hinduism, it is very common to start a prayer or pooja ceremony by symbolically gifting silver coins to the gods and goddesses. Buying silver coins is very common during festivals like Diwali. Moreover, when people conduct Havan at their home, silver coins are also used as a gift for priests.

Not just cultural or religious value, you can also gift silver coins to anyone in your family as a token of remembrance. We craft a wide variety of designs at Kundan Refinery, and our designs are not just limited to God images. You can even get a personalised image coin for yourself. The purity of our coins is unquestionable and we make it with the metallurgical art that doesn’t let the coins turn black quickly.

Browse through our gallery of Silver Coins and choose the right one for you to make silver a part of your life.