Silver Pendants

Just like Gold Pendant, a Silver Pendant is equally beautiful and artsy if used smartly as a piece of jewellery. Moreover, wearing silver is said to bring peace to mind and wellness to your body.

We believe that if a piece of silver is crafted with elegance, it can look like a small piece of moon. It’s common to refer moonlight as “silvery moonlight”, the beauty of which never fails to enchant us. Our gallery has many pre-made designs and you can find almost all common designs in our collection. One considerable thing about silver is that coloured art and scriptures look even more beautiful and highlighted on a silver background. You can even get a design of your choice embedded and it will look like the crust of the moon.

Our silver pendants are available in many shapes and sizes. You can have an oval shape with embedded design on it, or you can have a lined shape silver pendant which is moulded into various shapes. The accuracy and cleanliness of cuts in our pendants is noticeable as our artists are highly trained and experienced. Our customers have always praised the quality as well the designs of our silver pendants and we are proud of it as well.

We wish that you become a part of our happy customers soon. So order your silver pendant today, or as we said earlier, own a part of moon for yourself!