Gold Coin: An auspicious fortune cookie

The importance of gold in Indian culture needs no explanation. From grand ceremonies like weddings to festivals like Diwali, gold finds its way to be an integral part of every celebration. In the grand patronage of jewellery, gold coins still hold the significance of being gifted as a good omen. Some people worship gods and goddesses sculptured on Gold coins and some own them as a status symbol. Afterall, gold lets you shine apart from the crowd, literally.

In any religious ceremony, presenting a gold coin is sure to bring a smile on everyone’s face. Not just because of its luck value, but it is also considered as an investment. You can give anything to a person and its value will deplete over time. But the value of gold stays forever.

Want a piece of good omen for your loved ones?
If you intend to buy gold coins, make sure that you do adequate research before going ahead. Like every industry, there are good and bad dealers in the market and you need to be aware of that. Gold coins are available in the market with variable quality and purity.

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Economical Value of Gold
Gold coins are sold in the form of either collectibles or bullions. Recently, PM Narendra Modi launched Indian Gold Coin and bullion of 24 karat purity, 999 fineness. It has the national emblem of Ashok Chakra engraved on one side and the face of Mahatma Gandhi on the other.

A Memorable Souvenir
You can also buy personalized Gold coins, if you wish to gift it to someone specifically. It can be a photograph of that person embedded on the coin, or you can get gods and deities images, or maybe a memory which you might want to preserve. Go ahead and own a precious piece of gold today!