10g Gold Coin 24kt (999.9) Kalpataru (Get 10g 999 colour silver coin free)

Combo Contains – Buy Kundan 24kt (999.9) 10g Gold Coin, Get 10g 999 silver coin free
 Kundan offers 999.9 purest form of gold. The word "KUNDAN" meaning in Sanskrit language is Purest Form of Gold.  We use Swiss Technology & world class refining technology.

Each & every bar/coin is minted ensuring that the customer will receive perfectly designed product. It comes in fully-guaranteed tamper proof packs. The face of each bar is branded with the Kundan Logo, purity & weight. Kalpataru Tree in Sanskrit means a tree that grants wishes. This tree was originally found in Swarg (Heaven). The god owned this tree, it came out of the Samudra Manthan. It had immense powers & could full fill any wish.

Purity - 999.9 (24KT)
Weight - 10g
Design - Kalpataru Tree
Shape - Rectangular

Kundan provide 100% BUY BACK at In all cases, the current market value will be determined by Kundan.

Rs. 34,500

Out Of Stock
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