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Kundan Refinery is a renowned business unit of the most recognized and sorted Kundan Group. Though Kundan had been in the business of precious metals since 2 Decades now, we feel proud to introduce you with our own well equipped high – tech gold refinery "Kundan Gold Refinery". With ever changing and competitive trends in the worldwide precious metals market, we promise you with high quality standards and best services to cater the demands 24x7.


We are a certified company with our product having the below all quality.

National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange
Four Star Trading House
National Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Limited
Certified by NABL, Government of India
Nominated Agency by the Government of India

Products Offered

Different product ranges in terms of Purity such as Casted gold products in purity range from 99.50 % to 99.99 % , casted Silver products in purity range from 99.90 % to 99.99 % as well as Customized minting products for various purity range in gold (up to 9999), silver (up to 999) and various alloys.

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