Shimmering Hues: Kundan Refinery’s Gold and Silver Coins for a Radiant Holi

Shimmering Hues: Kundan Refinery’s Gold and Silver Coins for a Radiant Holi

Holi is right around the corner and aren’t you excited for the festivities? Let us add to your zeal by talking about the amazing gifts that you can send to your loved ones on this special occasion. Holi celebration is incomplete without gifts because they help strengthen your bond with family members and friends. Gifting gold and silver coins to your loved ones can increase goodwill towards your personality and also add to the festive spirit. 

Holi Special Gold and Silver Coins

If you are looking for the highest quality gold and silver coins, then Kundan Refinery has the biggest collection for your gifting needs. They are available in a wide variety with unique designs that often include images of gods and goddesses. Their availability and personalisation features will surely attract the connection of your loved ones as you give them these metal mints. The best part about these coins is that they are made from 100% pure and bear the 999.9 purity hallmark. Moreover, Kundan also guarantees a buy-back policy for these coins, which makes it a trusted destination.

Gold Coins for Holi Gifting

The Kundan gold coin is a good choice for gifting to your loved ones this Holi. These 24kt coins have different designs on them and you choose the ones that suit your preference. Choose either gold coin which you feel is the perfect gift for Holi. For instance, you can buy the following coins that are suitable for an auspicious occasion like Holi. :

  • Ganesha Gold Coin: The coin comes in several varieties with weights ranging from 4g, 5g, 8g, and more.
  • Lakshmi Ji Gold Coin/Bars: This 24kt coin is available in 1g, 5g, and 10g varieties. 
  • Kalpataru Gold Coin: This coin is available with the design of a beautiful Kalpataru tree. Just like the other coins, the Kalpataru coin also comes in 1g, 2g, 5g, and other variations. 
  • Queen Gold Coin: Grab this coin that comes in different sizes and has the Queen’s face engraved on it. It comes in 4g and 8g variations. 

Silver Coins for Holi Gifting

Silver is as valuable as gold and is another gifting choice for your Holi celebration. Kundan Refinery also offers a variety of silver coins with different designs. These coin varieties range from 10g, 100g, to almost 500g and are 100% pure. 

For instance, you will like the following:

  • Radha Krishna Silver Coin: This best wishes silver coin with the images of Radha and Krishna is suitable for gifting on Indian festivals. 
  • Lakshmi Ganesh Silver Coin: You can gift these 10g, 50g, and 100g silver coins to your loved ones to wish them luck and prosperity. 
  • Tirupati Balaji: This coin also comes in different sizes and guarantees 999.9 purity and authenticity.
  • Kalpataru Silver Coin: This tree-themed coin comes under Kundan’s exclusive collections and is available in 5g, 10g, and 20g to around 500g and 1000g variations. 

You may also check out the silver-coloured bar collection available on the website, which is another preferred gifting choice for Holi. 

Customised Gold and Silver Coins at Kundan Refinery

The coin collection at Kundan Refinery does not end here! You can also try purchasing the customised gold and silver coins at the store. The brand offers customisation of bulk orders of coins that can be the perfect Holi celebration gifts. You may also order ‘Happy Holi’ coins to gift to your loved ones! So, why wait? Visit Kundan Refinery and get started with your Holi shopping today.