8 Important Tips For Buying Gold Coins & Bars

8 Important Tips For Buying Gold Coins & Bars

A precious illuminating element that has been the money of kings for centuries with its ability to shine bright and fierce like the sun, the epitome of beauty in jewellery and a commodity that symbolizes success as well as monetary security & growth, GOLD is one of the most sought after investment options in India and is available for purchase in various forms. KUNDAN GOLD has been into the Gold Refinery business for more than 20 years, and with the world now going online, we give our customers a chance to Buy Gold Bars and Gold Coins Online with the promise of the highest quality standards.

Gold, in the form of Bars & Coins, is a great attraction for investors and jewellery enthusiasts alike. Available in various different forms and sizes depending upon the purpose and budget, coins are the most preferred form of investment considering their innumerable benefits, but a mindful investor must analyse a few important factors while purchasing Gold Coins.

1. Purity:

The most crucial factor while buying gold coins and gold bars online or at the store is to verify the purity and quality. The most common way to measure that is in Karats or Fineness. 24 Karat (KT) is an unadulterated form of gold which contains pure gold without being alloyed with other metals. Every karat gold is equivalent to 4.2% pure gold.

2. NABL Certification

Being a Constituent Board of Quality Council of India, a certification from NABL - National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories essentially ensures thorough assessment and verification of the technical competence of testing through various accreditations with third party expert bodies. Kundan refinery lab is accredited from NABL providing upto 100% authenticity to kundan coins. NABL is an autonomous body under the government of India that provide testing, calibration in accordance to ISI standards.

3. Packaging:

Tamper-proof packaging is crucial to ensure that the Gold Coin, Gold Bar or item of purchase remains unadulterated to warrant the necessary credibility for the purchaser.

4. Man-made or Machine-made ornaments:

It is advisable to identify the making process of the Gold coins, as the machine-made coins and ornaments are lesser in value as compared to the traditional handmade products due to the skilled craftsmanship and man-hours required to create them.

5. Making Charges:

Manufacturing process, man hours required and the craftsmanship involved are some of the factors that determine the making charges of a gold ornament or form. Therefore, the making charges of Gold in the form of coins or bars is about 3-4% depending on customization, and that of ornaments and other jewellery is 8-10%. This makes Gold Coins and bars a better addition to your investment portfolio in general as it can be exchanged for jewellery at any future time.

6. 100% Buy Back Policy

Kundan Refinery offer a 100% buyback policy to our customers to provide more comfort and security on the purchase of precious metal from us. We guarantee that we will buy back any precious metal that we sold to you at any stage of your life on the current market rate after deducting the making charges. In all case, the current market value will be determined by kundan.

7. Denominations:

Gold coins are available to customers in a range of denominations varying from 0.25 grams to 100 grams depending on budget, purpose, trend and customizations.

8. The Right Seller And Documents:

A quintessential step when buying gold coins or gold bars online or offline is to choose the seller wisely. Whether it is a jeweller, manufacturer, or even a certified vendor outlet (financial or non-financial institutions) attested by the Stockholding Corporation of India; Verifying the brand value & credibility is imperative to avoid any frauds in terms of purity and adulteration. The right documents like bills and certification should be attained at the time of purchase as a proof of value of purchase and evidence of legal ownership.

Why Buy Gold Coins:

• Stability and Security in Investment portfolio

• No Contractual Obligations, Legal transfer on paper or Risks in Purchase

• Tangible & Portable Asset

• Lesser making charges

• Highly Liquid Assets

• Easily Sellable

• Anonymous Investment with No Need For Legal Declarations

• No Maintenance or Storage Costs

• Lower risk, Greater Security Investment

• Protection and Sustainability during Crisis