Holi is just around the corner, and are you also going to your relative or friend’s place to celebrate this colourful festival? Then, it’s time for you to plan a gift! Gujiya, fruits, sweets, dry fruits, plants, are the most preferable but very obvious gifting choices. But you can choose not to go with these evident choices. Add uniqueness to your gifting choice and opt for silver coins and pendants.

In India, gifting gold and silver is always considered auspicious for every occasion; hence it is a great option for you to go for. Considering today’s economy and the disruptions that occurred due to the global pandemic, Covid-19, people prefer to invest in things that can prove to be fruitful for them in future. Thus, gold and silver appear to be their best option for gifting to their closed ones, as it is immensely popular and has a high market value.

The popularity of these metals has risen as a result of their beneficial store of value, and they have emerged as a practical choice for gifting loved ones. While both metals are equally valuable, silver is the most common during Holi. It is always because silver-coloured jewellery is trending these days and people are ready to invest their savings in it. Another important factor that is giving rise to the popularity of this metal is that compared to gold, it is less costly and more pocket-friendly.

Silver coins as a Holi Gift

On festivals, giving gold or silver coins is considered auspicious. They are a sign of success and wealth. The majority of people prefer coins with auspicious symbols of Gods or Goddesses etched on them. Kundan Refinery has a wide range of silver coins to choose from, including silver-coloured coins. Kundan sells the purest type of silver, which is 999.9 pure. Coins are packaged beautifully in a bright blue envelope and come in a variety of sizes and weights from 5g to 1kg. Kundan offer a wide range of silver coins which are embossed with divine symbols or god’s images. All Kundan Silver coins are packaged in tamper-resistant packaging.

Adding to the fun and excitement of Holi, the gift will make your closed one feel loved and valued. It will bring a huge smile to their face and will make the festival even more bright and colourful for you!

Silver pendants

Gifts have significance and are meaningful to the individual to whom they are given. You should totally opt for silver gifting options this Holi. For any event, pure silver gifts are considered to be one of the best gifts of all time. This Holi, add some colour to your loved ones' lives with Kundan Refinery's silver colourful pendants. They have a lovely range of silver pendants that are beautifully made in 999.9 pure silver. Feel the beauty of the colours this Holi by wearing and gifting pure silver pendants ranging in weight from 5.11 gm to 10.11 gm from Kundan. Anyone who appreciates art will be awestruck by Kundan's wonderful and stunning choices available in their store and online.

Keeping the value of the metals in mind, it is always recommended to make a purchase from a trusted and reliable source like Kundan. You will be assured of pure and high-quality metal, crafted and designed, according to your requirements, exceeding your expectations.

This Holi surprise your loved ones with a different and unique gift and get to see a bright smile on their face!