It all starts with a sparkle in the heart that two lovebirds embark upon a beautiful and beloved journey. It is a blessing of the divinity to have a love a loved one by your side, to share and care. This Valentines’ Day, Kundan brings you the opportunity to gift your loved one gold and silver coins that will add the lustre to your bond and make it sparkle forever!

At Kundan, you can dedicate a few minutes to a loved one that will speak on your behalf for the rest of your life. The gift of a gold coin of 0.5g with 995% fine gold worth 2586/- is an ultimate gift for your beloved one, which will not only indicate the love behind your gift but also enhance and add on to the commitment. A saving, for now, is spending for tomorrow and perhaps a gift for today is a memory for tomorrow. From 0.5g gold coins to coins weighing 4g, there are a number of options to choose from. Kundan has been the largest private-sector gold refinery in India ever since it was established in 2011. And the years are counting and our agenda is to disappoint none of our customers! The lovers’ week is going on and so is the exciting range of gold and silver coins approaching your screens and the stores near you. We offer you a ravishing palette to choose from; from silver coins to the gold ones, from devotional coins to the very own customized ones we present you a large variety to ponder over and select the best option for your very own best! You read it right!

Kundan brings you the chance to gift devotional gold and silver coins to your loved ones with images of deities and gods and goddesses carved upon them. Just like Radha and Krishna were two soulmates, offer such a gift to your loved one so that the blessings and love remain unstoppable throughout. Even when youngsters choose to gift jewelry or accessories to their fellow partners, be the one who takes a unique path to express love and gift a gold and silver coin! This way your better halves will know that you are someone to be kept for a pretty long life as these coins! Love has no religion and so don’t these coins! We offer an exciting range of gold and silver coins just so that couples of every religion can celebrate, love and live! When it comes to customized coins, there is no limit to what one can think of! And only some are lucky who get to wish for something and their dreams come true!

Here at Kundan, we want you to be as expressive as possible so that gold and silver coins could become more and more creative. Get your own customized gold and silver coins with names carved upon it, with figures and what not! Surprise your loved one by gifting them a coin with their name etched on that coin! Perhaps the only limit this Valentines’ Day should be your workload! The love that has been buried under the burdens of responsibilities must rise to the surface where past memories and emotions possess the day and fill it with lots of love and affection. Express your love and gift them a coin that could actually indicate your plans for the future, the present and the lifetime. This Valentines’ Day, celebrate it the Kundan way!