Indian festivals are incomplete without gold. People purchase gold for themselves and some even purchase this yellow metal for gifting purpose. Be it in any form- gold has to be there! The relation between gold and Indian festivals was established several thousand years ago by our ancients, considering the purity if this metal, which made it auspicious. Since, then every occasion, festival or auspicious celebration in Indian family remains incomplete without its presence.

During these days of Navratri, when we all are celebrating the nine divine avatars of Goddess Durga, the yellow metal is again in extreme demand. Symbolizing the victory of good over evil, Navratri holds a special value in Indian life. These are the days when people worship Maa Durga, in her nine different forms, each of them is known for making us get rid of nine types of darkness.

Why share gifts during Navratri?

Just like every other festival which are celebrated in India, there is no end to reasons why you should buy gifts for your dear and loved ones. Considering the auspiciousness of the festival and the power of Maa Durga, people believe that giving gifts, especially gold, to their loved ones, will bring good vibes in their relationship and is also considered a tradition to be followed. Sharing gifts in Indian families rarely needs a reason, especially during the festive season. It’s more a part of our customs and tradition, thus people do not even give much thought on it.

What gifts are ideal during Navratri?

Among the plenty of gifts that your loved ones will be shared with, if you wish to stand out then gifting gold is the best idea, especially the divine frames of Kundan. Crafted with elegance and excellent creativity, the divine gold foiled handmade frames from Kundan, forms an elegant and unique gift option for you. Sharing the divine frames ensures that you let your loved ones know the significance of Navratri, while also informing them about the place that they hold in your life. Tapping the zeal and enthusiasm of this festival, share divine gold frames with your dear ones.

Why Choose Kundan divine frames?

When it comes to gifting gold, people often consider its purity and search for a reliable store that can provide them with pure gold. Your search ends with Kundan. Known for the purity of this precious metal, Kundan offers a wide range of gifting options when it comes to gold foiled handmade frames.

You also get to customize the frames according to your preferences. Perfectly fitting in your budget, Kundan divine frames are the reflection of true craftsmanship and excellent purity. The collection of divine gold foiled handmade frames are huge and thus there is an option for you to choose from. The enthralling gold designs with which the divinity of our gods and goddess are depicted within the frames are fascinating and worth a gifting option.

Kundan is known for its gold creativity and is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) that confirms its purity. So, worry not and enjoy your Navratri with your loved ones while placing an order for a divine frame today!

Shubha Navratri to all.