Celebrate The Auspicious Occasion of Navratri With Kundan

Celebrate The Auspicious Occasion of Navratri With Kundan

India is widely known as a land of spirituality and celebrations; and Navratri or the Nine Nights dedicated to the Goddesses is an amalgamation of both spirituality and celebrations. Through these nine nights, people dress up in traditional attire, visit the temples and observe fasts, consuming only Saatvik food.

Navratri is also considered as an auspicious time to start new ventures and exchange gifts with family members which are supposed to bring good luck and prosperity. People prefer gifting gold and silver coins and gold pendants with traditional Indian spiritual motifs carved in them.

20g Silver Colour Bar (999.9) - Kalash

This auspicious silver colour bar by Kundan carries an image of the auspicious Navratri Kalash with mango leaves and coconut on top. The spiritual symbol of Swastik also adorns this 20g silver bar, for auspiciousness and good luck. Gift this auspicious silver bar on the occasion of Navratri to your family or friends as a memorabilia or collectible.

5g Gold Pendant 24kt (999.9) - Om

This simplistic gold pendant is carved with the Om symbol, which resonates the universe in its entirety. If you are looking to gift something subtle and simple to your parents or elders on Navratri, you can rest assured to be appreciated for this. Available in 5g 24kt gold, this is a traditional pendant loved by all.

20g Silver Colour Bar (999.9) - Swastik

The symbol of Swastik is a mark of auspiciousness and prosperity. Our 20g Silver Colour Bar comes adorned with this traditional motif and makes for an excellent gift for your family and friends on Navratri.

5.11g Silver Colour Pendant (999.9) - Lakshmi Ji

Get this Silver Colour Pendant with Goddess Lakshmi this Navratri to mark your devotion on Navratri. Share the blessings from the Goddess of wealth and good fortune with those that you love. Shop online with Kundan for this religious silver pendant for yourself or your loved ones.

When it comes to choosing gifts for Navratri, gold and silver collectibles are an ideal choice as they not only work as rememberable memorabilia, but also as a wise investment decision where the value of these precious metals increases year on year over time. Gifting these spiritual and religious gold pendants, gold and silver coins not only showcases your devotion, but also brings you closer to your family and loved ones.  Choose from Kundan’s range of various products which are NABL Certified, and are backed by a 100% Buy Back Policy (on current market rate after deducting making charges). 

Why buy online from Kundan?

Our products are conveniently available online for purchase. All of our products are guaranteed to be of the exact weight and quality that is mentioned. Kundan ensures the purest piece of metal by striving to go beyond 999.9 percent purity through rigorous refining and purification processes. The combination of state-of-the-art technology with world-class craftsmanship makes Kundan products beyond comparison. In addition to gifting for occasions like Navratri, our products are also ideal for personal investing, collecting or gifting for occasions like weddings, anniversaries or birthdays.