Customize your memories with silver and gold coins as gifting practice!

Customize your memories with silver and gold coins as gifting practice!

If there’s something we Indians are known for around the world, then it would be our hospitality and the lavish Indian wedding parties for our children. While we do everything in our power to ensure a healthy representation of our families and friends in the wedding, we also never forget to thank them properly by offering them a return wedding gift, for which we use a silver or gold coin as gifting practice.


Not only our weddings, but even big corporate events see people offer gold and silver coins to attendees. This has been a regular practice to mark the event date and make it memorable for a lifetime.


Even the Indian entrepreneurs don’t hold back when it comes to celebrating festivals. They find it auspicious to give gold and silver coins to clients as a token of thanks!


From a return wedding gift to event memorabilia and festive thank you gifts, the popularity of silver and gold coins has always been there. But what has changed now is that there are options to customize them into beautiful mementos for the event. 


At Kundan, we are one of the leading precision minting facilities for gold and silver in India. With our years of technical expertise in manufacturing 24K coins, we offer a wide range of specifications and personalised designs starting with bulk orders for a minimum of 100 custom gold coins and silver coins. You have an option to choose different weights and shapes for corporate gifting, festive gifting, wedding mementoes or award events.


If you are looking to order some personalized coins for your wedding or events, you will need to follow these simple steps:


  1. Note down clearly and send your desired text and design for personalisation to our team along with your contact details and address.
  2. Add any information on how you want to conceive the coin depending on your gifting needs.
  3. After assessing the design for customisation our team will send you an estimate of price and delivery.
  4. You will then need to confirm your order by making the payment.
  5. A final revised payment details will be sent to you once the minting is completed.
  6. On completing the payment, your custom gift coins will be shipped to your address.

Purchasing customized gold and silver coins from us assures you of complete transparency with NABL and other certifications. At Kundan, we offer you a vast collection of coins and bars to choose from, and assure you of the quality and finish. We have been providing a wide range of value-added products with gold and silver coin personalisation for customized requirements of large gifting needs such as weddings and events. Our products are made with advanced world-class Swiss technology. Our Silver colored coins are crafted in 999.9% purity, wrapped in tamper-proof packaging, and gift-wrapped in an exclusive box. To order customized coins for your corporate or personal needs, get started here.