Gifting Gold: A timeless gift for wedding

Gifting Gold: A timeless gift for wedding

Marriage is a bond of eternity; it is a relationship where two souls unite to become one. One would want to remember this day forever. We do a lot of spending and arrangements to make this day memorable. One of the best ways is by gifting Gold. When we talk about Gold, then it not only holds monetary value but is also considered auspicious. So, if you have a wedding coming in your family, then you can gift Gold to your loved one and add more shine to their lives.

Whether it's your friend's wedding or the person is your family, gifting Gold is a timeless gift, the essence and beauty of which keeps on growing. Besides holding a value, Gold is a great gifting option as its value keeps on increasing. The person who will be receiving this gift is going to adore it for life.

So if you have a family or friend's wedding lined up and you are still scouring different options, its time that you must go ahead and choose Gold coins.


Gifting Gold sounds alluring, but with it arises many questions, where to buy, what to buy, and how to buy. Well, we have got it all sorted for you. Gold is a versatile metal; you can mould it into different shapes to create staggering gifting options. There are many brands which have come up with unique and exclusive gold coins and bars gifting solutions and one of them is Kundan which has an extensive range of designs in gold coins and specially designed doe 11 coins set for the wedding, it gives you a number of options to choose from.

Why Gold?

There are many reasons which make Gold a timeless gift:

Long-term investment- If it is about gifting something unique and valuable to your loved ones, then you would prefer to choose an option which is beautiful and holds value. Gold is a good option; you can gift gold jewellery, gold coins, silver coins and gold frames etc. The value of these is only going grow with time, so it's a long-term investment you should be eyeing at. And, if you are looking for the best place to find them, then Kundan coins and frames are the best choices. Kundan group has a wide array of options that range from gold coins, gold foiled frames, gold and silver pendants.

Customization – What if you could get a customized gold coin for the bride or the groom. There isn't anything more wonderful than this. You can get customized gold coins for the wedding; you can get the name of the would-be couple engraved on the coin and give as give away to your relatives and loved ones and make your D-Day a memorable one.

Why stop at Gold? - Though Gold has its significance, gifting silver coins are also considered auspicious in our tradition. This can be a perfect gifting option for the relatives and close guests who are coming for the wedding. You can find both silver and Gold coin available in different denominations so that you can buy the coins as per your budget.

Buy Back policy – What will be the best gift if you have a benefit of 100% buy-back policy on gold and silver coins.

All that Glitter is Gold

One of the biggest apprehension that surrounds Gold or silver purchase is the authenticity, but when it comes to Kundan coins and frames, then you are assured of getting an authentic product. Every product that you purchase, it gets delivered in a proper tempered packaging along with a certificate that guarantees the authenticity of Gold or silver. Besides, you also have the option of the buyback, wherein you get the price of Gold (deducting the making charges). They bring you an ultra-modern, yet traditional gifting solution of special wedding coins which comes in a box, it contains 11 coins of 1 gm each. So, if you are looking forward to a beautiful gift that will be remembered forever, try Kundan Coins and Frames.