Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Silver

Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Silver

For zillion of ages, silver has been used profusely and has been one of the favourite metals for jewellers, scientists, artists and others too. No wonder, silver has always been a valuable metal since its discovery before 4000 B.C. There is always a place for silver coins in people’s life. Its popularity has grown immensely and this sterling metal has made its way to the world’s popular metals. Being the second most popular metal after gold, silver has literally been the moonbeam that spreads itself out in various fields and shines its droplets everywhere.

It serves an enormous range of purposes varying from valuable industrial to artistic ones. Given its properties, it is even used in the field of electronics, medicine, automobile industry and jewellery as well.

Here are a few interesting facts related to this sterling metal that will definitely amuse you:

• Silver Is Capable Of Keeping You Warm In Winters The metal has an amazing quality of providing natural warmth to the skin and hence it is really helpful in keeping you warm during extremely cold conditions that one might face during winters.

• Silver Is Used In Washing Powder It is highly effective in removing bad odour. Silver is a great cleaning agent and it is used in washing powder.

• Silver Can Purify Your Drinking Water For the water filter manufacturers, silver has proved to be a boon. It is used by them for breaking the pathogens in water and killing the bacteria.

• Health Of New Born Babies Can Benefit From Silver The antibacterial properties of silver are proven to hold immense value for the health of new-born babies. Mothers today prefer the sterling silver bottle over the plastic ones to feed their babies.

• Doctors Wear Silver Coated Lab Coats Top-line doctors, surgeons and even treatment specialists prefer putting on a lab coat that is silver-coated. It has proved to be of great benefits for the doctors as well as the patients.

• Drinking Too Much Silver Can Turn Your Skin Blue Did you know this? Although, silver is good for detoxification and colon cleansing, too much intake of silver can turn your skin blue.

• Silver Has Ancient Origins for Healing and Cosmetics Earlier when the soldiers were wounded in wars, they got their treatment with medicines and equipment, which contains silver.

It is used in the various healing process and is of extreme benefits in treating any kind of fungal infections.

Apart from the above-mentioned exclusive and interesting facts about silver, yet another known one is its popularity in the jewellery making business. The immense prevalence of the metal among the common people cannot be ignored too. People buy silver coins online during any occasions and festive time.

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