Is Gold Helpful in Diagnosing Diseases?

Is Gold Helpful in Diagnosing Diseases?

When it comes to gold products, all that comes to your mind is ornaments, gold coins and bars. The second most important thing for which gold is famous is gold facial products and face masks. Gold is a synonym of raking in profits in every possible manner. The yellow metal has always and will continue to remain a vital product in people’s lives.

For ornaments, pendants and bracelets, there is nothing as satisfactory as to see gold in your locker. There is no comparison to the popularity of gold as an investment. The prevalent role of this metal is vital in maintaining beauty. The legends believe that the famous and last active rule of Egypt, Cleopatra, got her charm by putting on a pure gold mask before sleeping.

Although, these uses of gold have been particularly famous, what has recently garnered attention towards the metal is its use and power for diagnosing diseases. There are experiments going on to use the nanoparticles of gold to deliver drugs in the fight against certain issues and diseases.

History Of Using Gold In Diagnosing Diseases:

The trace of using gold for the medical purpose was visible in ancient history and there are proofs available of it being used in dentistry. The other major but lesser-known role of the metal was in its injectable form, as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Using gold salts in the treatment of disease, the process is known as Chrysotherapy, dates back to as late as 1890.

The unique properties of gold now play a major role in a range of chemicals and for the development of various drugs for diagnosing and treating severe diseases.

Current Strides Of Gold In The Medicine Sector:

Healthcare industry is leveraging the valuable use of this element for diagnostic procedures and medical treatments. The minute particles of gold are at the heart of lateral flow assays (LFAs), which is simple to use, disposable diagnostic devices that possess the capability of testing for biomarkers. It has also been used in the diagnosis of diseases such as malaria, HIV and others.

Gold is immensely helpful in the use of:

• Cancer treatment

• HIV/AIDS detection

• Rheumatoid arthritis treatment

• Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT)

With the significant decrease in the gold rate today, people are investing in it for their personal use as well. There is a popular belief that keeping gold around you prevents you from all kind of negativity and diseases. It is for this reason that the people are opting for investment in this particular metal. Kundan gold coins are known for its purity, which makes it even more valuable for the gold bugs.

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