Why Investment In Gold Continues To Be An Investor’s Favourite?

Why Investment In Gold Continues To Be An Investor’s Favourite?

Today, when the entire world is heading towards recession, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the prices of gold are reaching new heights every day. The yellow metal has emerged as one of the best assets for the investors. From serious investors to newly minted day traders, everyone is talking about the virtues of this yellow metal.

The uncertainties of the market have not been able to affect the gold industry and its price. People are interested more in investing in this safe asset class-gold, in order to ensure financial security for themselves in these times of market turmoil. At, Kundan, you can get the purest and finest of the gold, which guarantees a better future for your investment.

According to the Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd., the yellow metal has surged around 7% in the first 15 days of April 2020. The gold rates are spiking high even in this time of pandemic and it continues to be the safest and the best option of investment for many.

What prompts investors to invest in gold?

There are many reasons for which people are considering to invest in gold, some top reasons that prompt them are:

Ease of Buying

Considering the other investment options like- shares, bonds, or properties, the ease of buying is very high for gold. No paper works or documents are required and it is very easy to avail it from reliable stores.

Intellectual Thrill

28% of investors consider this factor as important for them. This factor is described as an investment moment which is fun and often speculative.

Regular Source of Income

The need for an investment that delivers a guaranteed, low-risk, and on-going income is met excellently with this yellow metal.

Flexible Liquidity

Flexible Liquidity is an occasion where investors want to cash in or sell their investments at any time. This is a major reason for people to buy gold.


Investment in gold is often considered as an investment that promises long-term returns.

The stability and security offered by gold ensure many investors regarding the safety of their money in these brutal economic times. Kundan jewellers understand the need for security and the future prospects that people consider while buying gold and hence offers trust-worthy and quality gold coins or gold bars, assuring you of its standards and purity.

Gold is the future of investment and is considered as a good option for securing money by people from every section of society. It is bought in different forms, like jewelleries, gold bars, gold coins, etc. but the motive of buying is always a secure future. This yellow metal is not only about its bling and shine, its exclusiveness and market value, also makes it an item worth purchasing.

Being considered as a “safe haven” asset in critical times, for being less volatile than other forms of investment, the market has seen a supercharged upward momentum in the demand of this metal. The consumption of gold has shifted from the factor of being need-based (mostly for marriages or religious functions) to investment-based, keeping in mind the current market situation.

So, think no more, and invest your money in gold today. Book it online through the Kundan Jewellers and reap the benefits of buying gold and its future remunerations.