Why you should buy from Kundan?

Why you should buy from Kundan?

When you hear about gold, all that comes to your mind is shiny metal, jewellery, coins, bars, frames, and auspiciousness. It is an inseparable part of our culture and tradition. And the presence of gold in one’s locker is irreplaceable, monetarily and culturally.

For Indians, gold is a supremely pure metal, highly acclaimed for its wonderful values and auspiciousness, in the Vedas and mythologies too. This yellow metal is supposed to bring prosperity and good luck and holds a significant place with the sentimental values attached to it. For centuries, gold metal is popular and holds immense value and the trend continues.

With time the importance of gold expanded beyond culture and tradition, for its monetary importance and today it is held in high regard as a great investment. The purity of the metal still is the most concerning factor for people who invest in gold or purchase it for any holy purpose.

Kundan offers pure and finest quality gold to its customers. Living up to the standards of the market, and the expectations of the customers, Kundan delivers the best quality gold representing purity, artisanship, and creativity. Showcasing their brilliance in craftsmanship, Kundan provides a plethora of gold items that people are interested in purchasing, decorating their home with or even for investment. From beautiful handmade gold-foiled frames to elaborately designed coins, there is a wide range of collections to explore and buy.

Kundan Coins

Kundan is famous for its wide range of coins that mark the purest form of the metal. Ensuring quality control, the company never lets any metal out of its lab, if it doesn’t fit in with their standards. It offers bespoke services, which allow people to make personalized coins for gifting their loved ones.

• It offers the highest purity of gold and silver coins.

• Kundan labs are NABL certified that ensures a 100% authenticity to Kundan coins.

• Kundan offers premium quality product packaging, which makes the product a perfect fit for gifting.

• Ensuring customers’ satisfaction, Kundan offers a 100% buy-back policy, thus becoming a more trustworthy destination.

Kundan Frames

The gold-foiled handmade frames are yet another example of fine craftsmanship and the great artistic eye of the team. Kundan offers a tremendous range of beautifully designed and carefully crafted gold-foiled frames, which will adore your walls and will represent your classic and elegant taste.

• The beautiful and eye-catchy range of Kundan gold foiled handmade frames are made in trend-setting and updated labs with the help of breakthrough technologies that guarantees high-quality standards. Each collection is hand-made and classic, made up of 24k gold foil.

• It should be cleaned with a dry cloth and should be kept away from heat.

• Kundan offers an excellent policy of 75% buyback on Retail sale price or MRP, whichsoever is lower.

Shopping with Kundan will ensure that you receive the best of the services and great quality product. It ensures that every coins or frame that it sells is irresistible and mesmerizing in terms of their look, craftsmanship, and most importantly, its purity.